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About Jean's Greens

Greetings from Jean's Greens,

Holly Applegate, owner of Jean's Greens & Sage

Holly & Sage

Truth be told, almost all of us resist changeóespecially when we like what we have now. Why change? Why do something different? Letís stay with whatís working, right? But sometimes it comes, anyway. 2016 was such a year for Jeanís Greens. We loved our shop on Columbia Turnpike; it was home for thirteen years, after all. We knew where everything was, we knew the local bakeries and post offices, we knew our neighbors on the road. It was home. But on June 1st, our landlord let us know he needed our space to expand his business. We had ninety days to find a new home. Talk about change! New location, new space, new shelving, systems and routinesónot to mention packing, moving, organizing and changing our address with countless suppliers and vendors. It wasnít easy. But we did it. Now we are enjoying being a part of this vibrant community here in downtown Troy and we hope that by visiting us in our new location you too will discover the unique shops, places to eat, the events offered, the farmerís market or just a walk along the river.

One thing that hasnít changed, however, is our commitment to you, our partners and friends. We will continue to share with you the very best in herbal products, teas, gifts and supplies. We are committed to giving you the best possible service and sharing with you the goodness that nature gives us. If you happen to be in Troy, stop by and see our new home. Weíd love to show you around and welcome you to the new/old Jeanís Greens!

Green blessings,

Holly Applegate, owner

The Story of Our Logo!

Jean's Greens Logo

Monarch on Goldenrod

With her retirement, Jean kept her hummingbird logo, as it had special meaning for her. Our new logo, the monarch butterfly with goldenrod, came from a number of happy events that took place during the past few months.

We were visited often by monarchs and had the chance to witness the metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly. Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak, shares, "butterfly medicine reminds us to make changes when opportunities present themselves," and they invite us not to take things quite so seriouosly. Butterflies, he says, remind us "life is a dance."

Having the chance to become a part of Jean's Greens is a dream come true for all of us, an opportunity we couldn't pass up. And being able to laugh at ourselves along the way and enjoy the process was a reminder we often needed! The butterfly will remind us to always be on the lookout for new opportunities to share with you.

As we moved along in the process, we met often and there was a sense for all of us of coming together. Goldenrod - a favorite of monarch butteflies - was all around us during these meetings, and we were reminded of the words of noted author and herbalist Matthew Woods in the Book of Herbal Wisdom that, "the message of goldenrod is to endure to reach the goal."

We needed endurance to get through all the paperwork, but our bigger goal is to make sure that Jean's Greens endures as a quality supplier of herbs and herbal products. We would like to thank artist Patricia Murtha Friedman who designed the 2004 catalog cover and our new logo. She has beautifully captured the vision we had.

One's destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things - Henry Miller

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